Sod Installation

The Best Sod Installation in Duluth, MN

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Benefits of Sod Installation

1. The most noticeable advantage of sod is that you'll have an instant lawn!

2. It adds tremendous value and beauty to your Landscape!

3. Sod is able to control dust, mud, and erosion - this is because it's already fully grown. If you have a yard that becomes muddy when it rains, sod is a great way to eliminate this issue.

Once installed:

-For the first couple of days, ensure your sod is saturated with water and kept moist.

-This is because the roots are trying to attach themselves to the soil. Once the sod is rooted, you can reduce watering to an inch per week.

-You'll want to avoid walking on sod while it's getting established, otherwise, you'll interfere with its root development.

-Remember your Landscape is just as important as the interior of your home!