Bush & Tree Trimming

Trimming of bushes and tress brings the unique beauty out in every landscape with prolonging it's lifespan!

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If you prune the wrong branches, you could hurt your tree. That's why you should hire A-1 Landscaping LLC for tree trimming services in Duluth, MN. Our team of professionals will know exactly which branches to trim. We can also remove dead branches to keep them from falling unexpectedly.

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Once you get our tree and bush trimming services, you'll wish you would've contacted us sooner. Benefits of Trimming:

  • Prolongs landscape lifespan
  • Keeps value set
  • Safety reasons
  • Curb appeal

We'll make sure your yard looks clean-cut by the time we're finished. Call 218-260-6360 today to schedule tree and bush trimming services in Duluth, MN.